Who has the best catering service in Dhaka?

Thinking of ordering from the best catering service in Dhaka? Problem is, there’s so many options to choose from that it is easy to get overwhelmed.

And most will probably not fit your expectations.

But whether it’s a small dawat at home, or a grand celebration in your office, you will obviously want only the best caterer to serve your event.

Here are 7 pointers in this regard to help you decide who’s the best:

Any reputed caterer should have the reviews section turned on in their Facebook Page. That, combined with their Google reviews, should give you a fair indication of their market reputation.

But simply judging the rating isn’t enough. You should also check how many customers have actually placed a review. A 4.8 rating is nice, but not when only 12 customers have given a review. That shows the catering brand probably isn’t that popular.

Our brand, Alpha Catering, for instance, has a 4.9 rating on Facebook with over 200+ reviews posted by happy customers.

Tired of the “check inbox” messages from online pages when you ask for pricing? No respectable caterer should behave this way. Their menu with pricing should be easily viewable from their social medial channels and their website.

Many caterers do not follow this system, because they get the chance to quote customers differently for the same menu and headcount. This is a dishonest business practice.

When you are organizing an event, it’s not just about ordering some food from a service. You will often need guidance on what type of food to order, quantity, what compliments your choices, and also suggestions on additional supports like number of waiters, type of cutlery etc.

In short, you will need a caterer who acts like a consultant, guiding you through the entire process. But how can a business be the best catering service in Dhaka if they are more interested in selling rather than helping?

You will find that from a lot of catering firms. The account manager dealing with your order will simply want to increase the budget as much as possible, and close the deal.

At Alpha, we’re consultants first, caterers second. We will even provide suggestions that reduce our bills if it better fits your event requirements.

A respectable caterer should be extremely mindful of what ingredients they use in their food. For example, they should apply branded cooking oil like Teer or Fresh, and not the unsealed options available in the local market.

Here at Alpha, we follow the motto “Never serve anything that you would not serve to your own parents”. Which means, from the quality of the ingredients to hygiene practices, everything has to be premium, uncompromising and top class.

You can always visit the catering firm and ask to have a look at their store to see the type of ingredients they maintain.

Of course this goes without saying. If everything else is great, but food does not taste good, the caterer is not a top choice.

Ask your colleagues for personal reviews or take samples to check which of your chosen caterers are the best in the business.

While the world is moving ahead, is the caterer still stuck with the menu options and services of the 1900s?

Top catering brands are always innovating. Be it by expanding their food offerings with new items and cuisines, or service differentiation.

At Alpha, we are one of the very few caterers who can organize live cooking stations for most food items, in a dazzling spectacle. These add a unique touch to any event, and leave guests spellbound.

Simply being able to serve inside Dhaka isn’t enough. For a brand to be considered the best catering service in Dhaka, they should also have the capability to serve outside the city when necessary, especially for their Dhaka customers!

Imagine you have always been taking service from a Dhaka caterer for your personal programs, but you want to host your wedding in Chittagong instead. Can they back you up?

Alpha executes massive events in various parts of Bangladesh every year. We are not just confined to one location.

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