10 tips to order from a catering service in dhaka

So you’re planning to place a food order with a catering service in Dhaka. But, especially if it’s your first time, you may be worried about making mistakes or getting overcharged.

Thus today, let’s look at 10 tips to help you order from your caterer like an expert:

If your event is on Tuesday, you do not want to begin talking to catering services from Monday afternoon. Begin reaching out a few days in advance, so there’s availability, you have time to make changes, and they have time to guide you.

Even if you have a favorite Dhaka catering service in mind, it is a good idea to get quotes from a couple of other food providers as well, so that you can check if your preferred brand is giving you fair rates.

You don’t want the ugly surprise of food delivered in small packets when you wanted them in saucepans instead. So you need to be crystal clear to your caterer regarding the mode of packaging.

It will be an embarrassing scene if the catering service drags saucepans to the kitchen while your living room is buzzing with guests. Making sure food arrives before them. But not too early, else food might get cold or spoiled.

A one-hour buffer is usually good enough.

It is a good idea to lightly heat the saucepans around 15-20 minutes before serving them. Especially during winter foods can get a bit cold, so heating it up will solve that.

Or you can also ask for chafing dishes from your caterer. They have burners underneath to keep food warm for hours.

If other supports such as plates, cutlery, chafing dishes, servers, etc. are required, ask your caterer instead of going to a decorator.

Choosing a decorator means facing extra hassles like dealing with the cost, transportation, staying at the shop to ensure they do not supply any dirty/broken plates or cutlery, paying extra to get them to clean the things after service etc.

Any well-reputed catering service in Dhaka will free you of all these headaches.

Never try to save money with servers! An adequate and properly trained team of servers is the backbone of any successful event. 

Imagine spending a fortune throwing the perfect program with lots of amazing food and great decor, but because there weren’t enough servers, food went cold, buffet counters were left unfilled, and your guests became upset.

Your catering service will guide you properly, based on their years of experience, on how many servers your particular event will need. You should always follow their suggestion.

If necessary, drop a food item to meet your budget instead.

Make the caterer jot down all the details (food items, address, event date, delivery time, contact number, etc.) and send them to you through hard copy or by email. That way, both of you are on the same page.

In the event of any mess up, this also serves as evidence.

If it’s a small event, leftovers may not be a big issue. You can take the food home, or give them to your guests. In this case, have foil packets and takeaway bags ready beforehand, or ask your caterer to bring some with them.

For bigger events, if the leftover amount is too large, you may face issue moving around giant food dekchis. So ask your caterer beforehand if they can provide transportation support in such a situation. They can keep a van on standby for you.

You can also get them donated. Collect a contact number of your favourite charity organization to call them after the event.

If your caterer is providing servers, ideally they should help in cleaning things up after your program. If you are using your own crockery and cutlery, you can ask for a cleaner to wash them post-event.

Have these discussions with your caterer in advance.

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